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23 August, 2022

A trip around our favourite Spanish museums (part I)

The museums of El Prado and Reina Sofía in Madrid, Guggenheim in Bilbao, Dalí in Catalonia (a theatre-museum, to boot), and Picasso in both Málaga and Barcelona, the Centre Pompidou of the former, and even Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences… all show how in Spain there is art in every direction of the windrose, harbouring names known to everyone, regardless of whether we are connoisseurs or not.
17 February, 2022

Spain’s “star-tourism”

Astro-tourism, also known as Stargazing or Dark Sky Tourism, becomes bit by bit one of the experiences considered a “must-have” more and more often by travellers. To gaze at the universe accompanied by specialized guides and scientists is doubtlessly one of the options whose demand is growing the fastest within alternative tourism.
20 July, 2021

A brand-new soulful hideaway in Ibiza

The new OKU Hotels chain opened last May OKU Ibiza, its first hotel in Spain. A place inspired by the Japanese spiritual and architectural concept of "inner space" – a sacred and hidden space that can only be found when one journeys deep within – which is harmoniously connected with the island.
25 May, 2021

7 of our favorite Spanish castles

Everyone knows that Spain is a land strewn with castles and fortresses which, albeit preserved to different degrees, tell the many centuries of history of a country filled with it. According to the Asociación Española de Amigos de los Castillos (Spanish Association of Castle-Lovers) our country is blessed with some of the highest and most varied castle-density in the world, and likewise for fortresses, amounting to 10,000 catalogued constructions over the years, although it is suspected that the real number could be closer to 20,000. Doubtlessly, such a big number allows us to trace the whole country hopping from fortress to fortress.
8 January, 2021

The richest country in the world

When arrived in Washington and asked about the place he came from, the chef José Andrés outed some famous words: do you recognize them? They feature at the start of the last promotional campaign of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food with the aim of proudly showing the best Spain has to offer in terms of food, which is to say, the national treasure!
28 October, 2020

Flamenco and Spain: it’s an anniversary!

Flamenco turns 10 since it was declared "Intangible Cultural Heritage" of Humanity by the UNESCO. This internationally renowned art flares as icon of Spanish culture and is exported with growing frequency to the likes of Chile, Costa Rica or Japan, where its popularity has broken all bounds. Let's celebrate this event by quickly revisiting the mysterious origins of flamenco along with the turmoils teeming through its history.