Cookie Policy

“Cookies” are a tool used by web providers in order to store and retrieve information concerning their visitors and users.
A cookie is a text file installed by some servers on the user’s device and granting information the likes of: access route to the webpage, connection time, device used (desktop or mobile), operative system, browser, most visited pages, number of clicks during the visit and similar data regarding user behaviour.
Nothing from the collected data allows for the name and surname of the user to be known and neither are his or her device’s stored data accessed. All cookies are virus-free and cannot be read by third parties from other servers.
This Website was created using Wordpress. The following cookies policy describes how Wordpress uses cookies and similar technologies to collect, process and store the Users information. The Privacy Policy on their Website explains their principles and their Cookie Policy on their Website specifically explains how they, their partners, and users of their services deploy cookies, as well as the options the User have to control them.
The below was copied directly from Wordpress´ Cookie Policy, last reviewed on November 5, 2021, with small grammatical changes for context purposes.
Logged-in Users Only?
Browser default (1 year)
Used to make the site responsive to the visitor’s screen size
Tests that the browser accepts cookies
2 years
Google Analytics - Used to distinguish users
1 minute
Google Analytics - Used to throttle request rate

Why are cookies important?
This webpage is accessible even if cookies have not yet been activated, yet their deactivation can hinder proper rendition of the webpage.
From a technical standpoint cookies help webpages run faster and adapt to users’ preferences in, for example, language, types of currency to be displayed or which design fits best the users’ device. They also establish the proper level of protection and security needed and halt or hinder cyberattacks against the website and its users. They likewise allow webpage managers to compile statistical data to further improve the quality and the experience of the services provided. Finally, they help optimizing the advertisement shown to users and to select which ones adjust best to their interests.

Cookies used
This website uses, in addition to functional cookies (necessary for navigation and the proper functioning of our website), analytical cookies which measure and track how it is navigated. The resulting information concerns the number of visited pages, preferred language, city or region of the connecting IP, number of new users, frequency, repetition, duration and origin of visits. The data are compiled with Google Analytics and treated according to Google’s privacy policy.
We also use session cookies so that repeated visitors are not confused with new visitors and for the stated preferences of past visitors to be remembered, all aimed at making the visit faster and smoother by optimizing the website to the biggest possible extent. All data compiled are encrypted by Let’s Encrypt Authority x3.

Browser configuration
SPAIN INSIDE reminds users that the use of cookies could be subject to their acceptance whenever they are first installed or whenever the user’s browser is updated. The acceptance of cookies can be revoked via the content configuration and privacy settings available in the user’s browser. It is recommended for users to navigate our webpage in one of the following: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome.
If you needed more information about how to revoke previously given consent and how to disable cookies, as well as any other question regarding our cookies policy, you may write us to the following e-mail: indicating “cookies policy” in the title.