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Fiesta from the inside

Tread untrodden paths in tourism and become part of the destination. How about total immersion in the most important Spanish festivities countrywide? Let’s take, for example, Fallas in Valencia or Hogueras in Alicante, and there you will be able to parade next to the locals in the Flower Offering, donning regional attires and starring in this magical yearly event accessible only to a few locals. Or would you rather attend another kind of festivity such as historical recreation, folklore, religious events...?


Centuries of wines

Are you a wine aficionado? Travel across six centuries of viticultural tradition next to the best winemakers and professionals around. Discover one of the last subterranean wineries going back to the XVth century, explore the past while visiting the historical wineries which started a wine revolution in La Rioja when Frenchmen came to the region. Relish old prestigious wines, perk yourself up with a meal in a medieval town built in the Xth century, live an extraordinary experience next to local viticulturists.


Secrets of a master chef

Excellence in creation is always to be admired, but gastronomic creations are also to be relished. What about venturing into haut cuisine next to the master chef, and winner of 3 Michelin stars, Dani García? An exclusive experience next to the cooktops of the so-called ‘artisan of flavor’. With Dani you will learn haute cuisine dishes and have as well the occasion to taste them on the spot, something which will forever change your views on gastronomy.


A winery with history

Surrounded by three natural parks and amid the gorges which form the peculiar landscape of the city of Ronda, a secluded winery is found. This winery is built on top of the original structure, a XVIth century nunnery, and its actual blueprint is based on balance, harmony and respect towards the original building. Its terraced gardens and vineyards add even more worth to this place devoted to the making of excellent wines, yet also capable of enticing you in just a few hours.


Monuments in exclusive

There are unique spots and heritage sites worth visiting at your ease and in exclusive, at night, when the fumbling day-tourists have gone. Places like Gaudí’s Pedrera, Sevilla’s Alcázar, Granada’s Alhambra, Segovia’s Alcázar… Outstanding monuments colored by a special atmosphere when we finally achieve the opportunity of enjoying them behind closed doors, alone or next to your few chosen ones.


The Flamenco route

As an art, flamenco can be appreciated only by those who know its essence in depth, and that essence is best learned in its place of birth. A visit to a guitar workshop, a flamenco dance academy, a specialized shoemaker and some extra surprises will precede our visit to one of the best flamenco venues of the country, where we will be able to fully absorb the spectacle and the flamenco culture.


The master’s influence

Visiting the architectonic works of the genius of modernism Antonio Gaudí is an imperative of every visit to Barcelona. But we must not be content with a simple visit to his most famous monuments. Gaudí filled the whole city with his inspiration and proof of that is the famous handbags which base their designs on Gaudí’s work. Visit the brand behind the handbags, get to know the crafting going on in its workshop and how the ideas of Gaudí are applied therein or, if you prefer, enjoy a fashion show exclusively for you. The perfect complement to a visit of the city’s modernist buildings.


Pilgrim for a day

One of the centuries-old traditions which better sums up Spain’s folklore are the pilgrimages (‘romerías’ in Spanish). These crowded pilgrimages advance towards spots of religious significance experiencing the march as much as the destination. Floats decorated with flowers and drawn by bulls, horse-carts, guitar music, traditional foods and beverages are but few among the parts rounding up this old custom which, furthermore, often chooses the most beautiful landscapes of the country to tread. With Spain Inside you can take part in a real ‘romería’, with all its authentic elements, organized in exclusive for you.


Secrets of a master rice-cook

Paella is nowadays a nation-wide success, but did you know that it has Valencian origins? While immersed in a natural and relaxing Valencian orchard we will discover the ingredients needed in such a dish, how to cook in the most traditional of Valencian styles, how to make the best log fire for this purpose and, finally, how to taste our creation. All throughout the experience we will be guided and helped by a master rice-cook who, in addition, will share secrets of the authentic Valencian paella that will certainly allow us to win over friends and family afterwards.


Follow the way

The Way of Saint James is the oldest and liveliest pilgrimage in Europe. This route of medieval origin is shaped by a multitude of paths which converge at the Cathedral of Santiago. Most routes takes weeks to complete, yet we will experience part of their essence by treading a small stretch of the most famous route. In this magic stretch we will discover the meaning of the pilgrimage accompanied by experts who will instruct us about the pilgrims’ motivations, the anecdotes and the trivia behind the tradition as we approach the gates of the city of Santiago.


Basque pelota experience

Beyond gastronomic culture, with the famous ‘pintxos’, the North of Spain stands out for the vitality of its people, but whoever does not yet believe it will quickly change opinion with an immersion in the world of basque pelota. Getting to know four of the best “pelotaris” the world over is great, having them play in a court exclusively for you to witness a spectacle full of beauty and tradition, that’s even better. After the thrilling match we will be able to enter the court, try the equipment and chat with the players while enjoying traditional Basque ‘pintxos’.


An equestrian sanctuary

In Spain’s Southeast a majestic estate is found which devotes itself to the rearing, caring and training of purebred Spanish horses. Visiting this equestrian paradise makes one understand the importance horse care has in order to reach the levels of excellence required by the distinguished clients of the estate. A perfect place to discover the peculiarities of purebred horses and Spanish horse racing, to witness the thrilling rush of horses and the most special spectacle of flamenco dancers with a choreographed stallion… while we palate the local gastronomy.


Amid olive-trees and castles

Between Sevilla and Córdoba a jewel is hidden to which few are privy: a manorial estate with a XIVth century castle, formerly belonging to one of the most powerful families of the Spanish Empire, and nowadays devoted to growing olive-trees. Visiting the olive-press, a walk across the tapestry-museum, a sleepover in the castle, enjoying a spectacle of flamenco dancers next to a choreographed horse or an air-balloon ride are some of the possibilities this remote place offers in exclusive for us.


Mysteries of the abbey

There are special places where the soul breathes in a different kind of mood and this abbey is a clear example thereof. Maybe it is because of its unique location, or the treasures and relics found in its museum and halls, or the magic of its caves and hidden corners… Whatever the case, this architectural, cultural and religious complex shall be counted as one of the best places to connect with your inner-self and experience at ease what has previously been only dreamed about.


A host turned legend

We in Spain are lucky to enjoy world-renown stars every week in our football stadiums, but we have prepared for you an experience which goes beyond that: enjoy a first-class match in the Camp Nou, the most famous temple of football, in the VIP box and next to a former Barcelona FC star. One of the most important events in sports worldwide next to the most select company imaginable.


Shoemaking valley

Elda and Petrer (Alicante) are the cradle of shoemaking, especially regarding high-quality footwear for females, as attested by the many actresses, international artists and members of the Royal Family who, year after year, choose shoes from the so-called ‘Shoemaking Valley’. Here we will visit the shop of a chief brand where we will be able to acquire some of their precious creations and even customize them. Then, in order to discover when and how this industry began we will enter one of the old cave-houses, excavated at the slope of the castle’s hill, and learn the old ways of shoemaking. Endpoint to this experience will be an exclusive tasting of local products and wines inside the castle itself.