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7 January, 2019

Why you must choose Spain as your 2019 travelling destination

Many people need no further excuse to travel to Spain, but we wanted to quickly present three extra reasons especially for those still pondering in this brand new year: three events which will not happen twice in the near future.
27 November, 2018

4 Christmas traditions you can experience in Spain

As Christmas comes to Spain and the mood begins to fill the air the moment is ripe to depict some of the most relevant Spanish traditions of this most wonderful time of the year.
28 September, 2018

Beyond wine tasting: the grape-harvesting experience

These weeks one of the most relevant moments for wineries, the harvest, takes place. This arduous and artisanal process should be experienced by every wine lover. We tell you our experience in a very special Spanish winery.
23 August, 2018

Unusual hotels to keep in mind when visiting Spain

In some hotels luxury and exclusiveness are not found in their location, service or furniture’s suavity, but in the atmosphere they manage to create, in the notions they arouse or the aim to which the accommodation was conceived.
9 July, 2018

4 reasons why you should visit South Spain

It is impossible not to fall in love with the southern part of the country. Every year, this area is one of the most visited parts of Spain and we want to give you some brief reason why.
28 May, 2018

The Fallas which are coming

We have already met the great monument that will preside over The Town hall Square of Valencia during the Fallas 2019 festivity. A daring mixture of classical and contemporary art to surprise people.