The newspaper "Málaga Hoy" gives notice of our next tour

We held a conversation with Málaga Hoy to expand on how our immersion tours work, along with the reasons behind us choosing the Málaga Fair for them and our personal take on tourism.


Starting from next year, the tour operator Spain Inside, devoted to the immersion of tourists in some of the most relevant Spanish festivities, will bring groups of foreigners to mix with the guilds and booths in the Málaga Fair. "Clients ask for flamenco and traditional dance: they want the most authentic aspects of our national culture and, well, for this I needed a Fair" explained Jesús Molina, the company's director. Furthermore, he added that their target clients are, for the most part, affluent North Americans and Europeans, which means that the coming groups (from 11 to 16 persons) that will integrate in the Fair will also enjoy lodging in 5 stars hotels, translator, rented vehicles, visits to a wine cellar, a farmhouse and haute cuisine restaurants... He shared as well that he has already been in contact with some of the guilds, like "Gazpachuelo" and "El Péndulo", so that they can host tourists next year. "We have chosen the Málaga Fair because our priority was to find a welcoming and European space where the tourist can feel an authentic part of the festivity", commented Mr. Molina. Up to now, they have developed their activity in the Bonfires of Alicante and in Elda's Moors and Christians."